Owners: Bob & Diane

           Jim & Elfie


Owner: Vickie


Owner: Sharon


Owner: Vickie

"Dozer and Rosie"

Owner: Vickie

Kareaboo's Kids, Grandkids, Great Grandkids, & Great Great Grandkids.......


Kareaboo's Eighth Wonder of Mocha

Owners: Nancy and Dave


GCH Kareaboo's Circle of Life, HIC, CA

Owners: Tina and Steve


Kareaboo's Nonstop Pistol-Sophie Alxnd'R Peterson

Owner: Stephanie


CH Kareaboo's Sweet Tango Brown Betty

Owner: Mishele


Kareaboo's Hood Slidin' Bo Duke

Owners: Kasey and Chad


Kareaboo's Parka Shines Like Aurora Borealis

Owners: Cary and Shawn


CH Kareaboo's Good to the Last Drop

         Owners:  Tina and Steve


GCH Kareaboo's Calla Lilly O' West Free

Owners: Patricia and Frank

Mocha & Kona Kids

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